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We are an employer for experienced and specialized IT consultants. Every day, we strive to make complex technical projects in the areas of Development, Infrastructure, Data & BI a success.


We believe that there is a better way of working in IT. It’s all about you as a top specialist. Your choices, your growth, your rewards. What you want is important to us.


With us, you can choose from the best IT projects with the top clients. The.NextGen has the largest IT network and sales power that you can benefit from. We always offer a choice of assignments with A-brands, startups, and scale-ups. In addition, you earn an absolute top salary, which is 70% of the hourly rate that we charge. We think that’s only fair. After all, you’re the one doing the work.


At The.NextGen we value knowledge sharing, collaboration and building genuine  connections to further strengthen our learning and community bonds. We offer year-round events, online and offline activities and meetings for our tech community.

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Together, we form a unique The.NextGen Community where we share knowledge both online and offline during meet-ups, social events, team outings, and tech events. Our consultants know how to find each other and make the most of each other’s expertise.


Our vision is to grow into a community where active knowledge sharing takes place and valuable relationships are built.