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Essent: The Energy Tech Company

The energy transition. That’s our playing field. We want to make sustainable energy affordable and accessible for everyone. We see an urgent need for a transition to cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy. While solar and wind energy quickly gain popularity, there’s an emergence of other new energy solutions on the rise. And that gets us excited!

We’re looking at what we can do today and what we can achieve tomorrow.

The customer at heart

The end-users. Those are the people we need to help. They’re at the heart of everything we do. Ours is a customer centric approach. We throw assumptions out of the window and value data driven customer feedback. And boy, do we have a lot of data. It’s our belief that technology is there to support our customer’s needs. As those needs change, so too should our technology. Tech should evolve and grow, just like people. It’s quality not quantity we’re after.

We’re looking for people that can help us take the next step in enabling energy transition through technology. In 2025 our ambition is to be The Energy Tech Company. As a developer at Essent you never stop developing yourself and your code. Together with a team of talented individuals you will rise to the many challenges ahead.

Join the Essent ambition and fuel your own.

The tech we work with

At Essent we are transitioning from a legacy architecture to a new serverless era where we can leverage the newest technologies to make great products for our customers to use. It is our purpose to help everyone take the next step in the energy transition. Our people work with products we can take great pride in. These products are built using modern technologies and are highly appreciated by our customers, making a positive impact in the world.

Building and buying technology

Our Technology landscape consists of ‘make’ and ‘buy’ components.  Components that we buy, are components that are generic available and where we can use the scale of E.ON Digital Technology or external suppliers. Examples of ‘buy’ components are SAP billing, Sitecore and Mulesoft. With ‘make’ components we can make a difference to our customers, or we gain a competitive advantage. We develop the ‘make’ components ourselves in serverless technology (AWS, Lambda, Typescript).

Enabling platform for our DevOps teams

We offer a self service development platform to our teams that focus on automation of pipelines and operations, has security, observability and alerting built in.

Learning, adopting and adapting

Our attitude towards technology allows us to learn from the changes around us. To adopt and adapt to new possibilities. As a tech company we embrace this and look forward to these changes because we can handle them!

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